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Population: 6.2 million
Major Religions: Buddhism, Amism
Climate: Tropical monsoon
Official Language: Lao
Government Type: Communism
GDP per capita: $893
Income level: Low income
Main exports: Tin, Coffee, Timber and wood products
Primary school enrollment (% gross): 112%
Life expectancy: 65 years
Mortality rate (under-5, per 1,000): 61
Prevalence of HIV: 0.2%

Source: The World Bank Data 2008


How many concessions are there in Lao PDR ?

As of 1st July 2009, the Lao Government had awarded a total of 1,126 land concession agreements, with 398
granted to foreign investors concerning an area ranging from 8,000 to 50,000 hectares per concession.

[1] As of August 2009, approximately 2-3 million hectares of land were under concession (10-15% of the whole

[2] There is no reliable and comprehensive data available- GTZ started to support NLMA to create
a database, mapping and analysis: http://gtz.de/de/dokumente/gtz2009-en-rock-fdi-in-land-laos.pdf

August 2009:  
  Vientiane Luang Namtha
  391,709 ha19,291 ha

Glossary of Terms
Land Concession: an agreement between the State and the concession applicant, in which the State gives land
located in some place to the concession applicant for use for a specific purpose as authorised by the State.The
land concession holder pays a concession charge and land royalty to the State.

Land Use Planning and Land Allocation (LUP-LA): the government policy, developed by the MAF in the early 1990's,
which involves the participation of villagers in managing and protecting forests and agricultural lands.The main
objects of LUP-LA include: encouraging sedentary forms of agriculture; efficient and sustainable management
and use of land, forests and water resources; increased agricultural productivity; and to establish a centralised
land management system.
[1] http://www.voanews.com/lao/archive/2009-07/2009-07-06-voa7.cfm
[2] http://gtz.de/de/dokumente/gtz2009-en-rock-fdi-in-land-laos.pdf


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